Digital Publishing


Free, open source online platform for publishing born-digital scholarship online. Access here.


The Programming Historian

In this page you can find peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques and workflows to facilitate their research. Very soon PH will have their tutorials available in Spanish. Access here.

GIS and visualization tools


Palladio is a data-driven tool for mapping and analyzing flows of peoples, ideas, money, commodities, and so forth and their relationships across time and space. The online platform allows to visualize any coordinates data as points in a map and illustrate relationships among data. Access here.


Before CartoDB, Carto is a platform for creating maps and visualizations from location data on the web. Access here.

Digital Archives

SALALM - Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials. Contains newspapers, correspondence, publications, pamphetls, government documents, legislation, novenas, literary papers, manuscripts, videos, contemporary prints, books, images, early imprints, civil court cases, magazines, posters, poetry, political manifests, mesoamerican manuscripts, databases, photographs, artworks, maps, lithographs, engravings, and more. The collection covers several countries: Argentina, Bolivia, The Caribbean, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Mexico, Mesoamerica, Puerto Rico, Chile, and more. Access here.